Updated: 2009-02-02


Allow seamless roaming between wireless networks while maintaining Quality of Service


Easy Wireless 2 will develop and demonstrate an integrated system which allows connectivity and determined quality of service (QoS) level when users are on the move, changing from one network to other. It will also focus on QoS monitoring, where the goal is not only to monitor, but to exploit the obtained real-time information to enhance the QoS. Besides QoS, Easy Wireless 2 will advance in topics related to security and trust by developing a system based on identification and authentication.

The Easy Wireless 2 project will benefit from the involvement of several partners in significant national and European standardisation organisations (ETSI, IEEE, IETF).

Special attention will be paid to exploiting and disseminating the results of the project. This web site contains information about the events organized by the project as well as all freely available material, such as published papers, conference contributions, proposals to standardisation bodies, etc. It also contains a private section in order to distribute the intermediate results to project partners.

The picture below shows the different scenarios and technologies implied in Easy Wireless 2

scenarios and tecnogogies